The Fall of Tynan Selvanty (Cathell Series book 0)

The story of how Cathell's most legendary adventurer fell from grace and then found a way to salvage his legacy. Just not the way he had imagined.

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Into the Darkness: The sell-sword Aeryn Ravane and the young thief named Theo both seek the legendary sword of Tynan Selvantyr, but for very different reasons. Neither are aware of the dark secret the sword, and Tynan, guarded and kept hidden. It waits for them now.

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The Taming: When Thystle decided she needed a change, revenge with a side of betrayal wasn't what she had in mind. But, the shadowy figures known as the Immortals seem to have different ideas for her. A deeper look into the life of this strangely likeable vampyre first introduced in Into the Darkness.

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