Corruption of Honor: Riverend and the Nine Years War

What is the kingdom of Riverend?

In my Cathell series, I cover the top half of the continent. But, the kingdom of Riverend sits in the lower half of the continent on which Cathell also sits. 

Originally, Riverend was part of the territory held by Tae Ahjin Empire. The empire ended after a civil war broke out between two of the ten houses that made up the empire, prompted by the assassination of a member of the House of Hahlerand by the House of Mackritae. The other eight houses chose sides and joined in the conflict that came to be known as the Nine Years War.

The conflict drew to an end after the other houses tired of the fighting and banded against the houses  of Mackritae and Hahlerand . After the war, the empire disbanded, with each house taking a portion of the territory. The Hahlerands took the territory to the east of the Golden Peaks, and called it Riverend, since it is at one end of the Kearning River. The Mackritaes took the territory to the west of the Golden Peaks, and called it Mordwell.

At the time of Corruption of Honor, the war has been over for nearly three decades, but that has not stopped Mordwell from harrassing Riverend every chance they get.

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