Why I Don't Set Resolutions. Ever.

 Photo by A.M. Rycroft 2016

Photo by A.M. Rycroft 2016

A week ago, I announced on Facebook how happy I was (and nervous) to have submitted my application and royalties statements to the Horror Writer's Association for full membership consideration. I said that this was the only goal I'd set for 2016. Someone quickly commented back, asking why I'd only set one goal.

"Normally," I said, "I don't set any, so this was a good year for me."

I believe I was halfway through college when I decided to kick New Year's resolutions to the curb. Year after year, I set resolutions that never came to pass, like most other people. Finally, I just quit doing it.

Resolutions that we set at the beginning of the year are, honestly, just a recipe for failure. I mean, why rush, when you have 12 months to complete your improvement project?

We always start out really excited about our resolutions. For example, every year, dozens of new members flood my gym, eager to finally start getting fit! They've got the new gear and smiles to prove it.

Within two weeks, we're half as excited (only half of the new members still show up regularly).

Within a month, we've pretty much lost all interest (and so have the new gym members).

Most of us wait until November or December to really get started, or get restarted, if we started and then stopped. That's the nature of humans. We love procrastination. We creative types are the worst of all.

So, when I said that applying for full membership to the HWA was my goal for 2016, I wasn't talking about a New Year's resolution. I didn't stand up on New Year's Day 2016, champagne in hand, and declare that this was the year I'd sell enough books to become a full member.

I actually set that goal in the middle of 2016.

At the time, it seemed a little like a pipe dream, because I had just released book 2 of my dark fantasy series. Sales of book 1 had thoroughly petered out months before, and I had no idea if that would change.

Fortunately, through the growing support of my fans with book 2 and some gentle pestering of book bloggers and reviewers, sales did pick up. It was still a squeaker getting to the finish line, but what isn't when you're an indie published author?

So, what's next on my agenda for the new year? I haven't the faintest idea. Or at least not any solid ones. I don't set goals at the beginning of the year, remember?

Ask me in the middle of 2017, and I'll let you know. ;)

Happy New Year, everyone!


Oh, and I did get accepted by the HWA. I just got the email from the membership committee chair yesterday, so check that off my list.