Who is A.M. Rycroft?

I realized today that it's been a while since I introduced myself on my blog, for anyone who doesn't already know who I am or what I do. So here's a little about me as an author, publisher, and my secret life as a human.

A.M. Rycroft as Dark Fantasy and Horror Author

I was once told in a podcast that I was the first author on that podcast to self-identify as "a dark fantasy" author. I thought that was a little weird, but then, most dark fantasy authors probably just call themselves "a fantasy author" for simplicity's sake. I believe in calling as they are, no matter how complicated that answer is. So, yes, I write dark fantasy. It's all the things dark fantasy should be: gritty, violent, and sometimes, it tips into the horror territory. I don't shy from the label.

I've published two books in my sword and sorcery dark fantasy series so far, and I'm wrapping up the first drafts of two more books in the Cathell series. They'll be released in early and mid 2017.

I have another more or less finished novel for a new series, but I'm holding off on releasing it until there are more books in the Cathell series written and released. It just doesn't make sense to go tossing readers into a new series when the first series just got started.

I also write horror. I tend to write horror shorts. I just haven't had the inspiration for a full horror novel yet, but plenty of short stories. And, at the time of this posting, I'm up for membership consideration for the Horror Writers Association (HWA). I'm hopeful that I'll be able to say I'm an official HWA member before the end of this year.

A.M. Rycroft as Publisher

I am part owner of the Mighty Quill Books publishing house. We're small, and up until recently, we hadn't really expanded into publishing more than my work. That was always the goal though. I just wanted to learn more about indie publishing overall before we took the big leap into publishing someone else's work too.

So many small publishers fail due to expanding too far, too fast. I don't want MQB to become part of the statistics. We owe it to whatever authors we take on to not fail in this business. I've seen the aftermath of failed publishers, with their authors suddenly unsure of what will become of their book rights or where to go next. That's a nightmare for any traditionally published author.

Before you ask, no, we're not taking submissions right now. We just finished a submissions period not too long ago. We'll be doing another in a couple months, but not yet. You can subscribe to our mailing list to keep up on our submissions periods.

If you'd like to know more about what goes through the mind of a publisher like me, you can read my post on Our Write Side.

A.M. Rycroft as Secret Human

I've been accused of being a robot and some other things a time or two, but I assure you I am 100% a human being. Yes, I'm kidding. About the robot part. Not the human part.

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA (USA). I've lived here the great majority of my life, with only a brief period away. I love this city. There's no other place like it. If you lived here, you would probably know this too.

I'm not going to tell you my age, although it's probably older than you think by my picture. I have vegetarianism to thank for that. My spouse thinks it's hilarious that a horror writer who writes stomach-turning scenes like I do also can't stand the idea of eating meat, because it's mean to animals. I was a die-hard meat-eater for most of my life until about 5 or 6 years ago, when I watched Vegucated. If you watch it, you might become a vegetarian too. It's on Netflix and Prime.

I love working out. I'm a big-time weight-lifter. I hate cardio. I only do it, because I know it's good for me.

Although, I love biking. I never went anywhere without my bike when I was in college. Sadly, my bike is in my parents' basement now, in desperate need of repairs. It will probably never get fixed. I'm very handy with tools, and I always loved working on my bike, but what it needs now is just too much for me to take on myself.

And in case you're wondering, yes, "A.M." really is my name. It's not a pen name. Friends and family call me A.M. Fans call me A.M.

Yes, the initials stand for my full, legal name. No, I won't tell you what that is. You're just going to have to live with the suspense of not knowing.

A.M. Rycroft in a Nutshell

Author, publisher, secretly human, Pittsburgher, vegetarian, and workout enthusiast.

I don't wear who I am on my sleeve. Even though I have a type-A personality inside, I have an introvert on the outside. I'm not someone you can get to know in 5 minutes of conversation, unless you start firing questions at me. But that just gets uncomfortable for both of us at a certain point.

Honestly, if you want to get to know me better, aside from sitting in the same room with me for an hour or two, this blog or my mailing list is the best way to do that. I'm pivoting how I write my posts and newsletters to be a little more about me and my writing than the more general writing/publishing topics I've focused on in the past.

I hope you like the change.

If not, well, that's ok too.