What a Week. No, What a Month

Just two weeks into February, and I feel like it's been four. That's what I get for juggling as many projects as I have been. So, today's post is just going to be a quick rundown of some things I've been doing this week and last. If you're looking for some new reads in horror or dark fantasy (who isn't?), then definitely read on.

Dead of Winter Release

Mighty Quill Books launched its first multi-author, dark fiction anthology on Tuesday. I don't have a story in it, but I wrote the foreword and there's a snippet from The Joy Thief in the back. I can also say that I personally love many of the stories in this anthology. It's got horror, sci-fi, dark fantasy, and more.

I recommend any fan of dark fiction check this book out right away. You can find all the links to retailers on Mighty Quill's site.

Excerpts Added in the Sample Box

I added a new Sample Box page to my site, where you can get excerpts from all my published works and my serial project for Corruption of Honor. So, if you're wondering what I write in the way of sword and sorcery dark fantasy and horror, that's the place to go. You can filter by tag if you'd like to see only one type of excerpt or another.

Something a Little Different for Valentine's Day

I know that was yesterday, but in case you didn't see my posts on Facebook, I thought I'd mention them again here.

A Very Thystle Excerpt from The Taming

I posted an excerpt of when Thystle first meets Lilla. It really speaks to her character when it comes to love interests, or at least up to this point . . . Yes, The Taming is dark fantasy, but there is a hint of romance in it, and Lilla plays an integral role in parts of the book.

Here it is again if you missed it:

"As if the gods themselves took pity on her in that moment, a dark-haired young woman behind the bar caught Thystle’s attention-–in fact, she openly stared at Thystle. Despite her dreadful apron and simple dress, the young woman was both well-endowed and attractive, a rare combination in low-rate taverns like the Moulterwood. Thystle decided to kill some time and raised her hand to call the woman over. When the woman rounded the bar, Thystle was pleased to see that she was not just well-endowed but also long-legged. With each step in Thystle’s direction, the woman’s breasts bobbed up and down inside her tight-laced bodice, bringing a smile to Thystle’s face."

Read from the beginning in the Sample Box.

Some Swords, Sorcery, Horror, and . . . Romance?

My serial project on Patreon went live last night with a free block of 5 chapters from Corruption of Honor. It's a sword and sorcery fantasy and horror mashup, with a romantic twist to it. The romance angle adds an extra complication for our dark hero Shaun. But, don't let that scare you off.

Even if you're not a romance fan (I don't read romance at all, so you're not alone), there's still a lot for you to love in this book. It's dark and violent, and downright creepy. If you love dark fantasy and/or horror, I encourage you to read the chapters I put out there to get a feel for this book.

If you want to support the project, that's awesome. But, there's also a way you can keep getting chapters free. Join my mailing list.

I'm so confident you're going to want to buy the book just to see how it ends, based on the super positive private reviews I've been getting, that I'm giving the chapters from Part I and II to my subscribers free. That's why I'm not sharing my newsletters publicly on social media anymore.

If you want access too, all you have to do is sign up.

That's it for now. Honestly, I think that's more than enough. Lol. So, until next post!