War is Brewing in the Ten Kingdoms


I mentioned in my previous post that the books I finished last weekend were my 4th and 5th. What about that mysterious 3rd book? You're going to get a look at it very soon.

I finished a book last summer that is a very dark, dark fantasy novel. It's darker than anything I've ever written before.

It's not a sequel to any of the Cathell books, although it is set in the same general universe. Because it's unrelated to those books, I held it back and left it unpublished until the Cathell series was further developed. Now that books 3 and 4 of that series are moving toward publication early this year, I felt now was an okay time to start thinking about publishing this other book.

It's called Corruption of Honor.

It follows knight in training Shaun Greyson. Her kingdom has been in the grips of a shaky peace treaty with one of the neighboring kingdoms. That's about to change, and life as she knows it is about to end.

Rather than doing a straight launch of this book. I've decided to serialize the first and second parts of it. There are three total. I am setting up a Patreon project to do that. Chapters will be released in 3-chapter blocks until the book's official release in September. Patrons get the book free at the end. Come check it out.

I've just started building the page out, so check back frequently. More on this project later.