Voting no for climate change and environmental assault

It’s official: July was the hottest month ever recorded for our planet. However you may see the impact of humans on climate change, it is illogical to claim there is none at all.

Drilling and mining for fossil fuels, deforestation, and mass-scale meat production, all have measurable negative environmental outcomes. Until those activities are reduced or cease, the climate trends and wide-spread droughts, floods, and super storms won’t get better.

Many corporations and communities are moving toward green energy and zero-waste technologies. I applaud them. But, they are only part of the solution. More falls on state and federal politicians who allow energy companies and business stakeholders to dictate state and federal policies and regulations.

Change is in the hands of voters. For this reason, I am committed to not supporting any politician who denies human participation in climate change and who doesn’t commit to reduction of fracking, drilling, and mining in the U.S.

As for reducing meat production in the U.S., well, that’s up to the consumer. That’s why I’m a vegetarian.


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