Tuesday Teaser: A Creepy Twist to Darken Your October

Last week's teaser was a little dark. A little taste of the build up I have in store for you this October. This week, it's back to Into the Darkness, by far the creepier of the two books in the Cathell series. This excerpt is from chapter 6, when Aeryn and Theo find a dark new twist to the Black Caverns.

Excerpt from Into the Darkness, chapter 6

“This place is creepy,” Theo whispered behind her.

Aeryn barely heard her, her attention was so consumed by the wall. Additional runes, larger and in a different style than the others, covered the dead rock but did not glow as bright. Aeryn felt an almost imperceptible hum being emitted by something in the rock. The subtle throb hurt her head. Her hand rose and touched the wall. The moment her skin touched the stone, the runes shifted like snakes on the surface of the wall, and a death-like cold seeped into her outstretched hand and crawled its way up her arm.

In her head, Aeryn heard her father’s voice. “Where were you?”

Aeryn cursed aloud and yanked her hand away from whatever force pulled her to the dead rock. She staggered back several steps and turned away, holding her hand close to her. She closed her eyes, massaging the cold out of her hand with the warmer one.

Theo went to Aeryn, her eyes wide and anxious. “What happened?”

Aeryn turned and looked back at the strange wall. The runes were back in their original places, causing her to wonder if she imagined that they moved. She replied, “I do not know.”

And she decided she did not want to know. Aeryn shuddered, thinking of her father’s voice coming to her as clear as if he stood beside her. She turned her back on the wall and crossed to the altar at the other end of the chamber.

“I felt . . . something. I do not know what it was.”

Behind her, the girl said, “I think we should get out of here.”


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