Ten Book Marketing Mistakes New Authors Make

If you are an indie author about to release a book, or you’re considering indie publishing, this is a great piece on Just Publishing. I couldn’t have written a better top 10 post about the marketing mistakes we indie authors commit when we release a book than this piece by Derek Haines.

It’s hard for me to pick one or two of the most important mistakes to note from this list, but if I had to, I’d definitely point you to mistakes #2 and #7. I’ve been guilty of both, but I figured out #2 on my own, and I’m working on ridding myself of #7. Mistake #9 is one that all too many indie authors fall into, and if you’ve done it, stop immediately.

If you don’t already follow Derek Haines on Twitter (@justpublishing) or Tumblr (@derekhaines), please do. His posts are always quality, sometimes really funny (like this one: The Most Stupid Book Titles Ever). I’ve found his publishing advice to be invaluable, again and again.