Thystle Moran: Vampyre, Sword for Hire, and My Book Best Friend

We all have them -- whether you're a writer or a reader -- that one character that you love and turn to in times of need. Mine just happens to be a brash vampyre with a drinking problem. Her name is Thystle Moran. Whenever I feel down or out of sorts, I turn to writing her stories, and I always feel better. Even if I only have a spare 30 minutes to spend writing in her world, at the end, my world is a little brighter. Let me tell you why.

 Thystle illustration by Hannah L. King

Thystle illustration by Hannah L. King

From her snappy one-liners to her balls-to-the-wall fighting style, everything about writing Thystle is just fun.

"I’m going to guess that meat suit isn’t yours.” - Into the Darkness

Writing Thystle's story is a walk in the park compared to my other characters. She is rarely silent. This is less helpful when I'm trying to sleep (we've had a talk about that), but I can't complain too much. As much as I hate to admit it, I sometimes wish my other characters were a little more like her, or at least a little more forthright like her. Honestly, there's no one like Thystle.

She's not perfect for sure. She's vocal and gets herself into trouble often, but she also knows who she is and her past doesn't hold her down. She hates emotional scenes and if someone pushes her, she'll push them back harder. She (rarely) starts a fight she can't finish, and she's the one you want on your side, because she is fiercely loyal to her friends.

The downside to Thystle, of course, is that she has no shame or sense of self-preservation. Whether she is helping to fight an evil god or trying to find the man responsible for killing her childhood friend, Thystle is happiest chest-deep in the thick of things. But she will always be there to back up those she cares about, and this includes me.

"Thystle grabbed [Theo] up and covered her as more rocks fell. The others scattered around them." - Into the Darkness

There have been plenty of times when I feel like the world is trying to crush me and then I feel a little nudge inside from Thystle. A little "come on, let's go have some fun". If one can feel loved by a fictional character, I can say I feel loved by her. I know she'll always have my back just as much as Aeryn or Theo.

So I won't complain too loud whenever she wakes me up to tell me about the next adventure we're going on. I have to return the favor and always have her back too.


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