things i wish people had told me when i was a freshman




so i’ve been thinking about this for a few days, and i wanted to make a list of some things that i wish people had told me when i was a freshman in college

  • don’t skip class.
  • really, don’t skip unless it’s absolutely necessary. i had a professor who didn’t tell us when the tests were going to be until the class before. go to class.
  • if you get lost, look around for an office and ask where to go - especially during the first few weeks, everyone is happy to help you figure things out.
  • buy a planner. keep it in your backpack 24/7. keep it out in class. professors change due dates and assignments constantly and you don’t want to forget things - two missed assignments can become four and suddenly you’re making a C in a class you need a 3.0 for. 
  • join organizations!!! join clubs or something that will keep your societal needs fulfilled and also look good on a resume. volunteer work too, work at events, and get friends to join you. it’s more fun than you might think.
  • also always have a binder with blank paper in it. always. 
  • keep your phone and computer chargers with you all the time because you will need them and you will use them.
  • no one will look at you funny for eating food in class (just don’t eat anything crunchy for the love of god)
  • don’t go out for food constantly - this is the fastest way you will spend money, and before you know it you’ve spent $400 on food in a month which is like. ridiculous.
  • keep to the right of the sidewalk, and don’t bunch up with your friends. you’ll understand in a semester or two. 
  • get your college email sent to ALL your devices. don’t know how? contact your school’s IT department.
  • that paper that’s due in a month? make an outline and collect resources now. it takes ten minutes and you will be super glad two days before it’s due when you haven’t started it yet. 
  • take time to go outside. take walks. eat a salad. 
  • go to bed before midnight. i promise, you won’t do it at first but you’ll thank me later. 
  • sometimes a good night’s sleep is better than an A on an assignment. get it presentable, sleep, and do better next time.
  • you can do this. it’s new and kinda scary and big, but you can do it, and you’ll be telling people what i’ve told you by this time next year.

and don’t take low grades as a joke. that GPA is not easy to bring up

Don’t freak out if you don’t seem to be ‘getting it’ at first. College is a REALLY different teaching style than high school and it takes awhile to adjust.

Balance in fun and work is SO important. Too much of one of the other is going to hurt yo in the long run.

You don’t have to feel like the weird kid anymore. You will likely find your kind here.

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. You will figure out citations, that bitchy professor has it out for everyone, take a deep breath and laugh because college is actually really fun and you meet incredible people who actually have similar interests as you do for once.

More great college advice from other Tumblr users.

And, to add my two cents:

If school and your personal life starts to feel overwhelming, stop and take a deep breath, and know you’re not the only one feeling overwhelmed. No matter how well put-together anyone else seems, just about everyone feels like you.

And, if you don’t feel like you can deal with these feelings on your own, seek out friends, family, or a member of the faculty or counseling staff. There is always someone who can help out. I’m happy to answer any college-related questions, too.

School is hard in different ways for everyone. You’re not alone. It does get better. :)