Despite my best efforts, The Walking Dead keeps me coming back for more

**Spoiler alert to anyone who hasn’t watched season 5 of The Walking Dead. Turn back now.**

I don’t have cable, instead I do Netflix and Amazon Prime, so I’m a little behind on the popular shows. I’m just now watching season 5 of The Walking Dead, after swearing at the end of season 4 that I was probably done with the show.

By the end of season 4, I had gone through being tired of the prison thing and tired of the Governor (why couldn’t he have died sooner?), and then tired of seeing the group go through much of the same old struggles that seemed to get rehashed each season.

So, why did I start watching season 5 when it recently popped up on Netflix? I wanted to find out if I was right about the Terminus group being cannibals. I was right, of course, and this twist and the challenges that followed breathed new life into the first episodes of the season, which had been lacking in previous seasons.

New characters, the re-emergence of Beth (who I’d unfortunately forgotten about), and fresh challenges for the characters, and I’m a believer once again in The Walking Dead.

The moral of this story? If you’re writing a series, books or otherwise, be cautious of your storylines becoming stale. Throw in something or several somethings brand-new at the conclusion of each part, with a twist. Throw in cannibals if you must. Your audience will continue to eat up (pun intended) every single piece you put out for them.