The Unsurpassable Value of Trust

I was thinking about the nature of trust the other day after having a falling out with a friend of mine. It's something we tend not to think about until our trust in another person is threatened or actually broken. I realized that trust is a theme that plays an important role in many books, my own included.

Take, for example, the Harry Potter series. Harry and other characters place their trust in not only their friends, but their teachers, Dumbledore especially. One can argue that it's misplaced in the case of Dumbledore, but let's not argue that point here. Rather, let's look at the breaking of trust between Ron and Harry and then Ron and Hermione. Ron breaks Harry's trust by accusing him of rigging the contest in The Goblet of Fire and Hermione's trust by leaving in The Deathly Hallows. In both cases, Harry and then Hermione feel lost in the betrayal's wake.

In my own books, in Into the Darkness, Tynan breaks Aeryn's trust repeatedly, leaving her awash in her distrust of him. In book 4, Shadowboxer, a character appears who broke Thystle's trust long ago, one whom she has never forgiven. It throws off her sense of direction in life and her instincts.

It seems to me there is an immeasurable value in knowing you trust someone. When it's lost, we're lost. It's hard to ever get back to that place of 100% trust in someone.

So, perhaps we should think about trust just a little bit more. Appreciate those friends in whom you've placed your trust a little more. Say thank you to those who support you. Try not to ever let them down.

I'll try that out now. I appreciate you, my friends. Thank you for supporting me.