The Rundown: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Publishing on Amazon

If you were looking for a post last night, I apologize for the lack of one. I was hosting a Facebook event yesterday evening, and I totally forgot about the fact that it was Tuesday, and I had a post due.

I know this won't make up for it, but here is a Wednesday rundown of three publishing related articles. Leading off the group today is a step-by-step guide on all things publishing on KDP. Personally, I have not had any problems figuring this procedure out on my own, but I understand where others might get tripped up. So, here you go.

How to publish a book on Amazon

“Can anyone tell me how to publish my book on Amazon?”

It’s a question I see in online groups over and over and over.

They’re asking about converting their manuscript to an ebook that can be read on a Kindle, not referring to Amazon’s print-on-demand service, CreateSpace.

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Book Marketing Display Ads: 20 Stunning Designs

Looking for inspiration for your next advertising campaign?

Fresh takes on book advertising creative can be hard to come up with, so we assembled 20 of our favorite designs used on BookBub Ads. We hope these designs give you ideas for your own campaigns.

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Laying Track: Tracking Ebook Links on Google Analytics

I planned on posting a brief intro to the HTML and CSS that a beginner should know to work on an ebook, but I’m in the middle of launching my YA historical novel Risuko this month, and so I need to share a shorter, more technical post. This month, I’m going to teach you how to build links from your ebook that can be tracked in Google Analytics.

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Download a sample of The Taming on Smashwords to see what all the buzz is about.