The Hardest Post to Write

I’m terrible at asking for help. But, here it goes.

I need your help with time.

Through a series of unfortunate events (layoffs, freelance work petering out, etc.), I'm at a place where I may have to take on additional employment to plug the gaps between what my spouse makes, my book/writing royalties, and savings.

If I have to take on more work, I'm going to have to put my writing on hold. I cannot continue to build Mighty Quill Books and work for another company, and still write and promote my own work. There just isn't enough of me for that. I've tried working 50+ hours before and still writing, and the writing (and my family life) always suffers.

So, I'm asking for your help to keep time on my side.

I have three books almost ready for release this year. With your help, I can do that.

If you help give me the give of time through your support on Patreon, I'll have no trouble getting my books released. I'll even be able to polish some short stories that still need some love. If I don't get support, I might be able to release one, with promoting it going in the maybe?? column.

We've cut every expense we can to make our current budget work. That means no more travel, donations to charities, eating out, buying anything that's not a necessity. We can’t cut out anymore, unless we stop paying for vehicle loans, student loans, and groceries.

I'm not opposed to work. I work hard at writing my books and building Mighty Quill Books seven days a week. (Yep. Every day.) It's paid off in how people have received my work and Mighty Quill Books's work. It just hasn't added up to enough to keep my family head above water, too.

So, I hope you see why I’m asking for your help.

I set my first goal at $1000 a month. That's a big help in itself.

So, what do you say? Will you help me keep time on my side and my writing churning along?

Go to my Patreon campaign to get all the details on what you get for your support (I don't want a handout, I'm WORKING for your help!) and add your support to those who've already said they want to help.

If you want to help out in a non-monetary way, please share the link to this post. That's a big help as well.

Many thanks in advance!