Teaser Thursday: A Killer Opening

I realized that I haven't done a Tuesday Teaser in a while. Unfortunately, I've been getting reading for a convention next weekend and revising The Joy Thief to go to beta readers next month. I missed Tuesday. So, this will be Teaser Thursday. On offer this time is the opening to Part I of Corruption of Honor, The Burning. If you like this snippet, there are four more chapters you can read on the Sample Box page.

Corruption of Honor Part I: The Burning, Chapter 1

DARKEST night blanketed the fields and pastures beyond Riverend’s high city gates. On Riverend’s western edge, both temperature and pressure plunged. Several soldiers on that side of the city wall shuddered with the change, so uncharacteristic for even late summer. An even deeper hush crept over the land.

Thick clouds from the west snuffed out the light from the full moon rising. Bitter blackness replaced the starry night. The blackness spread, falling over the city itself, like a living thing, so thick that even the torches along the western wall barely penetrated it. The night’s gentle breeze died, as if the land held its breath, waiting.

Read more on the Sample Box page.