Taking a step back from it all

As much as we hate to admit it, we've all been there with getting in over our heads with stuff. This is now my time for that. I'm in the middle of trying to wrap up several book projects at once, one of which will turn into a new release come June (The Taming), and unfortunately, these projects really are taking over my life. But, such is the life of an author trying to forward her career.

So, I need to take a small step back from my blog. I say a "small" step, because I'm not quitting the blog. I'm just cutting down on the number of posts I'll be doing for the next several weeks. Instead of twice a week, it will probably be once a week. After I clear out the immediate stuff I'm doing, I will post more or less on my regular Tuesday/Thursday schedule. I hope you'll stick with me during the slow time, and I'll update you on the progress of my projects as I go.

In the meantime, I'm going to shill for Mighty Quill Books a little, and recommend you check out the #ThystlesThoughts hashtag after midnight tonight. MQB is letting my character Thystle, from The Taming, take over the MQB Twitter feed (@mightyquillbks) a couple times a night from 12am - 4am (EST) for the next few weeks. I guarantee some entertainment there.

If you like these tweets, retweet them. If they get enough retweets, MQB might make it a permanent feature of the MQB Twitter experience.

- A.M.