How to Squeeze Every Last Drop from Amazon Author Central

 My Amazon Author Page

My Amazon Author Page

You've got your newest title up on Amazon's KDP and CreateSpace, IngramSpark, etc. You even built out your author page through Amazon's Author Central. You're all set to sell your book on Amazon. Nothing else to do, right? Wrong. There's plenty more to do on Author Central than just put up an author page. If you walk away without taking advantage of the other feature, you're actually putting yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to properly reaching buyers.

If you're looking at this post with a confused look on your face, pull up your Author Central account and follow along with me.

Go beyond the Author Page and the Sales Info tab

Most indie authors are intimately familiar with these two tabs. But there are two other tabs that are actually more worthy of your time: Books and Customer Reviews.

The Books tab: Do you know where your books are?

You might be thinking, why do I need to go to Books when they're listed out on KDP and other places? I think you might be surprised to find that this page doesn't always show ALL your books.

Always check this tab whenever you publish a new book, to make sure it is listed here. If a book you've published isn't listed, or a version (the Kindle version is listed, but the paperback isn't), you need to claim your own book to match it up with your author profile.

Why? If you don't, when someone goes to the product page for your book, but your book hasn't been claimed by you, the author name (your name) below the title won't show up as a link. Meaning, the buyer can't click it and see a list of all of your other titles. Meaning, you've potentially lost a sale, especially if you have published multiple books in a series as I have.

Making your books be all they can be on Amazon

Once you've made sure all your books are under your name. You need to bulk up their product pages. Click the first book in your list. The Editorial Reviews tab is where you want to be when it comes to making your title look great on Amazon. By default, this tab is mostly blank except for the Product Description. Don't leave it that way. Fill out EVERYTHING on this page.

  • Review: You can add multiple snippets or full review text from any publications who've reviewed your title, or you can highlight particularly glowing customer reviews here.
  • Product Description: If you only have a KDP title, don't skip this field. It might contain the same information as KDP, but on Author Central, this text field supports some rich text features that can help your description stand out like bold or italic text. Just don't be too liberal or Amazon might flag your title.
  • From the Author: If you have anything you want to mention about the book, do it here. Like for my Special Edition version of Into the Darkness, I added a description of what makes this version so special.
  • From the Inside Flap: This typically only applies to hardcover titles, and you'd add the book's full description (which should be different from the Product Description). But you might find a different use for it.
  • From the Back Cover: Same as above, this is where the book's full description goes.
  • About the Author: Don't assume that someone will go to your full author page to learn about you. Take this opportunity to give a new reader a brief introduction of yourself as an author. Keep it to just two or three sentences, all relevant to your writing.

The Customer Reviews tab: Why look at each book when you can get all reviews in one place?

This is a relatively new feature, and I have to say that I love it. Don't waste your time going from one book to the next looking for new reviews. Go to the Customer Reviews tab on Author Central instead. And if you're looking for a review to add to your product page, this is the place to get it. You can view all reviews from all books or use the dropdown to filter by title.

Get squeezing!

Now that I've walked you through Author Central in total, get to squeezing every last drop out of it that you can. Bulk up your product pages. Do all you can to help your titles look the best they can and help new readers find your books quickly.


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