Tuesday Teaser: Something is in the Woods

Can you believe we're almost at the end of October? The nights fly when we're having a scary good time. For the final Tuesday Teaser of October, I'm sharing one of my favorite creepy scenes from Into the Darkness. If you just have to know how it ends, subscribe to my mailing list and get an exclusive discount offer.

Excerpt from Into the Darkness, chapter 12

Morning broke just as cold as the night before, but even as clouds of steam puffed from Rowan’s nostrils, Aeryn did not notice the cold. An odd taste sat on the air and unsettled her. Tendrils of gray light filtered through the bone-like branches overhead, but it remained darker than it should have for the morning being past first light.

Her stallion seemed to feel an urgency to be gone from this place as well. After Aeryn buckled his saddle into place, keeping one eye on the woods on either side of them, Rowan nudged her shoulder with his head. Aeryn ran a soothing hand over his soft coat and whispered to him. From somewhere she could not see, something watched them.

Aeryn continued to gather up her things. She saw Theo stir and went to the girl’s side, nudging her awake. Before Theo could speak, Aeryn pressed a hand over the girl’s mouth. Theo’s eyes flew open.

“Quiet,” the sell-sword hissed and then took her hand away. “Do not argue, just do as I tell you, and say nothing until we are clear of these woods.”

The girl gave her a sullen look but obeyed, grabbing up her blanket and wrapping it around her.

A branch snapped behind them.

Aeryn and Theo spun in unison, but there was nothing there. Theo’s hand grabbed the hem of Aeryn’s tunic, but she said nothing. Her eyes were wide and anxious.

Another branch snapped off to the side.


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