Into the Darkness - Wattpad

The first 5 chapters of Into the Darkness are available to read on Wattpad.

Here’s a little summary of each part so far:

  • The Prologue: Learn of the downfall of once-famous adventurer Tynan Selvantyr and what made him curse the Black Caverns with his dying breath.
  • Chapter 1: In Cathell’s present day, headstrong sell-sword Aeryn Ravane sets to breaking the curse placed long ago on the Black Caverns. She soon finds she isn’t the only one who wished to see the caverns’ curse broken and that the caverns may be hiding more than just Tynan’s treasures.
  • Chapter 2: Now that the young thief Theo has been discovered by the sell-sword, she is forced to tag-along with Aeryn as she searches the caverns for her true objective: the tower. Along the way, though, Aeryn and Theo notice a dark presence that seems to be following them.
  • Chapter 3: Aeryn and Theo are surprised to discover the Black Caverns’s former master is still in residence. Their visit with Tynan’s ghost is cut short, however, when they mention their dark discoveries in the caverns. Tynan becomes guarded, and he begins to act strangely, telling Aeryn and Theo they must leave the caverns immediately.
  • Chapter 4: Ambushed by a group of bandits that seem to be known by Theo, a battle ensues outside the Black Caverns. Partway through the battle, however, a vampiric mass of dark energy explodes from the caverns and joins the fray.

A new chapter will be posted on Friday.