Ditch the rush: holiday shopping for the writer in your life

I’m not often an advocate for online shopping. Personally, I think shopping in a store is more meaningful. But, if you’ve ever had to work a retail job, like I once did, you know all about the Black Friday hell firsthand. And now, Thanksgiving has joined the dread party.

This Thanksgiving and Black Friday, stay home. Shop online.

Need a few good reasons why?

  • Retailers don’t put out the best prices on Thanksgiving or Black Friday; those come closer to Christmas.
  • Logging on takes less time and energy than driving or taking public transit to a store.
  • Your family/friends will think less bad thoughts about you if you step away for a few minutes to use the computer than if you cut the holiday short to go shopping.

Ok, now that we’ve cleared that up, Sandra Beckwith (BuildBookBuzz.com) recently put together a handy list of 29 gift ideas for the writer in your life. They’re all found online, so no need to make up an excuse as to why you have to leave dinner early, like feeding the dog you don’t have, just so you can go shopping on Thanksgiving.

Here are my top favorites:

  • The “Banned Books” socks (10.00) - A book is donated for each pair purchased.
  • The wooden “Writers Block” (15.00) - Maybe pounding a couple nails into it will help you get past that plot point you’re stuck on.
  • The “Ask Me About My Book” t-shirt (19.95) - Because a little shameless self-promotion never hurt. In fact, cotton is quite pain-free.
  • The “Professional Bookworm” hoodie (42.00) - Who doesn’t know someone who reads so much they should be paid for it?

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday, everyone!