The Rundown: On Great Opening Lines and Not Shafting Yourself with CreateSpace

When your reads open your book to sample it, be it in a bookstore or on Amazon, the first line is what will make or break the relationship you have with your reader. It makes them decide to read on or put it aside. That's why today's Rundown starts with a post from The Book Designer blog on great opening lines. Also included is a piece on why you need IngramSpark in addition to CreateSpace (hint: you're getting the shaft if you don't), so CS users take note.

Yank Your Reader Into Your Story With a Great Opening Line

My mission as a book coach is to help writers write the best books they can, which means paying attention to:

  • the macro elements (the story or argument the book makes)
  • the micro elements (the words on the page)
  • the emotional realities of the writing life (the habits that lead to success)

I’ve developed a series of posts to help you learn how to write one really great chapter so that you can take those lessons and apply them to all your work. Up first? How to write a great opening line.

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Why you need both CreateSpace and IngramSpark

I have been asked one question more than any other: “Do I need IngramSpark if I have CreateSpace?”

I know it’s tempting to avoid the extra expense and hassle of taking on a second print on demand (POD) provider, but I want to take a moment and share some of the experiences we’ve had at New Shelves Books with our POD work.  I hope these statements help you determine if you need one or both.

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8 Ideas For Getting More BookBub Followers

Getting more BookBub followers can help widen an author’s reach and ultimately increase book sales — for free. The more followers an author has, the more people will receive dedicated emails from BookBub notifying them about the author’s new releases and price promotions.

So how can an author get more followers? BookBub helps authors with completed Author Profiles gain followers by surfacing author suggestions to BookBub members upon signup and via email. But there’s more an author can do to increase her following and gain momentum as a suggested author on BookBub.

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