No One Can Blame Readers for Ignoring New Authors

Updated: This was first published back in March, but the advice is still on point. Take a read after your turkey dinner coma has worn off (or Tofurky dinner, in my case), and before the Black Friday shopping.

New authors come and go. Some are good and some are not. The window of opportunity for you to prove which kind of author you are is tiny. If new authors can't separate themselves from the glut of other offerings, it isn't fair for them to get mad at us readers.

So, how do you make a good impression fast? Hint: It's not by tweeting at us or offering your book for free.

  • Get a book blogger to tell us how much they like your book
  • Get a booth at a book fair, a convention, or forum and say hello (not buy my book)
  • Get your friends to tell my friends how great your book was (and why)
  • Get a quality ad somewhere I'm going to see it
  • Get a guest blog spot on someone else's blog

See? It's simple. Do any (or better yet, all) of those things, and I guarantee, you'll get my attention. I'll remember you when I think of a new book to buy. I might even buy it when I meet you.

If you do none of those things, well . . . you only have yourself to blame when I mute your book posts on Twitter.


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