My Work. My Way.

A lot of author groups and blogs these days will tell you to write to market and write as many books in as short a time as you can so that you can build your catalogue up and make MONEY. What they don't tell you about is the burnout.

I've met a couple authors lately who complain about feeling inadequate in comparison to other writers producing books faster than they are. Some have even described a decrease in their motivation to write after shifting their focus to a for-profit only model. I've told them all the same thing: STOP.

It may seem counterintuitive to not write yourself into the ground so that you, too, can write full time like some other indie authors. But, what's the point if after 10 books you don't want to write anymore?

I never write with a view toward what will sell. I don't write as fast as I can either.

No one will ever convince me to ditch a series or a set of characters, because they aren't "profitable".

I write what I want, when I want, how I want. My writing doesn't go according to anyone's expectations or rules. This is the definition of freedom.

Isn't that the point of quitting your job so that you can write full time? To have more time do what you love?

If you don't love churning out one book after another, then don't do it.

If that's appealing to you, then go for it. But, if it's not, don't get sucked into a pattern you're going to want to escape from in a couple years.

Take back your freedom.


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