The Rundown: More on Ebook Conversions and the Blogs You Aren't Reading But Should Be

Everyone who reads this blog knows that ebook formatting is my "favorite" subject. If you haven't had the pleasure of tackling such a beast, here is a set of tips on how to approach ebook formatting your first time from The Book Designer.

Plus, most authors read writing and publishing blogs like this one, but if these are the only things you're reading, you're missing out. (Part of the reason I like to link to Hubspot articles from time to time.) Also, 5-minute marketing tips.

The Convertible Cloud: Ebook Conversion Online

Let’s start with the most popular retailers and their conversion tools (or lack thereof).

Once again, I’m assuming that you’re in the US — which isn’t a given, I know. (Most of this information is true for non-US publishers as well.) Also, I’m defining “manuscript” as synonymous with “Microsoft Word document” (either .doc or .docx), since that’s the most common file format for authors to work with, and that’s the format I used in comparing the desktop conversion tools.

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Top 10 Non-Publishing Blogs Every Publisher Should Read

If you publish and market books, you probably understand the importance of keeping up with industry trends. Sites like Publishers Weekly, Digital Book World, Jane Friedman’s blog, The Hot Sheet, and the BookBub Partners Blog can help you learn about new ways to reach more readers.

But to make your books truly stand out, you need to stay ahead of the curve. Looking outside the publishing universe can help you do that — you’ll see what marketing strategies other industries are buzzing about, and be able to apply the best relevant tactics to your own book marketing plans.

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Book review: 5-Minute Marketing for Authors

The bubbles above the title on the cover of 5-Minute Marketing for Authors: Get More Sales for Your Books in Just 5 Minutes a Day by Barb Asselin hint that it could use another phrase at the end of the subtitle: “by Using Social Media.” 

This free, short (62 pages) Kindle book is a helpful resource for new authors who have limited book promotion time and choose to use it on social media. The overview of KDP Select’s free days and Kindle countdowns is helpful for anyone who hasn’t been exposed to that piece of the Kindle puzzle yet.

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