Leslie Jones Kicked the Haters to the Curb. You Can Too.

Just a month ago, the story was circulating news outlets and social media platforms about the widespread hate campaign launched on Twitter against Leslie Jones (aka @Lesdoggg) over her role in the new Ghostbusters film. No doubt this felt like a particularly low time for her. Thankfully, many people rose to support her, myself included, but I know it still must have stung to be the target of so much vile behavior. But in a turn worthy of any blockbuster movie, Ms. Jones flipped the script on her haters.

By tweeting her love for the Team USA athletes in the Olympics, her superfan status attracted the attention of a lot of people, including NBC and Team USA. It earned her a personal invitation to join NBC and Team USA right in Rio. Now, she's tweeting court side and pool side at the Olympic games about the athletes she loves so much. If that doesn't put a smile on your face, I don't know what will.

Like any author still building their following, I have plenty of days where I wonder if I'll ever get over the hump and find larger recognition for my work. But if Leslie Jones's story has taught me anything, it's not to give up and not to wallow in my self-doubt. Sometimes, circumstances change for the better overnight.

Who knows? Maybe Ms. Jones will read this piece and tweet about it to her followers. Maybe she'll even read one of my books and become my superfan, even if just for one day (I don't think I could do any better than having Ms. Jones as my superfan in all honesty). Or, maybe you've never read my work, and you'll take a chance on it. That works too.

Anything can happen.


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