Lego reenactment #ALAHackGate2015


by AJ Trainer

The ALA Facebook page was hijacked by unknowns over Labor Day weekend 2015.  This is my (hopefully) amusing dramatic reenactment using Legos.

It was a quiet, peaceful Saturday.  A lovely start to Jenny’s long holiday weekend.

Tina was out and about in the city, enjoying the lovely weather.

Uh oh.  Jenny learns that something strange is happening on the ALA Facebook page.

Yikes!  Tina learns that she and the other ALA social media admins have been locked out of Facebook!

Some libraryland peeps realize right away that the page has been hacked when they start seeing “articles” in their feeds that are decidedly nonALA-ish. These clever folks make the most of the situation by providing creative commentary.

Todd Fishburn-Grooten leads the charge with hilarious one-liners, and Steve Kemple excels at cataloging all of the shenanigans.  Hilarity ensues.

Unfortunately, some were a little slower in realizing what was happening.  There may have been some pearl clutching.

Jenny and Tina worked like crazy to regain control, but getting through to Facebook for help proved…frustrating.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the hackers.  Was it a true criminal?  A bot?  Maybe a disgruntled librarian working in a pirate themed restaurant to pay off student loans after graduating with an MLIS in oversaturated job market?

Or maybe the hacker was from a completely different culture?  Pranksters from the furry community?  A random joker who stumbled upon ALA by accident?

By far the most popular guess, however, is that we were hacked by a teen from the basement of the family home.  Possibly after having learned coding skills in the library.  Maybe after finding a hidden stash.  Or not.

Jenny, Tina, and the rest of the ALA social media crew did what they could as they waited for Facebook to respond to their pleas for help.  

That may or may not have included cocktails.

And that is a pretty accurate account of sort of what happened over at the ALA Facebook Page this weekend.

Love this humorous explanation of an otherwise unfortunate and awkward chain of events. I hope all is well with the ALA Facebook page once again.

And, this is also another reminder for all of us to create strong passwords and protect them! This won’t prevent every hack, of course, but it is the first step in preventing such an event in your own life.