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Sevnor led Tynan up the stairs, past the monks’ living quarters on the floor above the worship hall, then up to Sevnor’s quarters in the peak of the spire. The priest took him into a room that was part study, part throne room dedicated to Morghell. On one side sat a desk surrounded by bookshelves filled with ancient texts, some of which were religious tomes, while others were magik-related. The potions on the shelves told Tynan that Sevnor probably dabbled with magik in his spare time. A half-circle stone bench dominated the other side of the room, facing a small throne constructed of rough stone and obviously not designed for comfort.

Sevnor walked up the three steps the throne stood atop and sat down, arranging his midnight robes about him. The ghost chose a spot on the stone bench.
The priest must have noticed Tynan’s look of distaste, for he remarked, “You do not approve of the furnishings.”

“I simply wonder if all these bones and skulls and the stone isn’t overdoing it.”
He affixed Tynan with a weary gaze, “Morghell is ruler of the underworld, the afterlife, ruler of death. What better way to pay homage than with the trappings of the dead? It discomforts some, but Morghell teaches us that those who live too much in comfort are punished in the afterworld for their excesses, while those who live with pain or torment can be rewarded.”

“You must be securing a nice position on the other side then,” Tynan quipped.

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