I came away from Jordan ashamed to be part of a race that treats its members so very badly, and simultaneously proud to be part of the same human race as it does its best to help the people who are hurt, who need refuge, safety and dignity. We are all part of a huge family, the family of humanity, and we look after our family.


(I’d love it you would spread the post this links to around, and spread the links inside it. People who know that I’m involved in Refugee issues have been asking me about places to donate and what to do and what to read, so I put this together for them, and now, for you. http://rfg.ee/RN3uy is the donation link.) 

(via neil-gaiman)

Reblogging for neil-gaiman, and for the refugees and our humanity. Please read Neil’s posts and view the videos. And, if you can, donate. Even a little can add up to great good.