How the Criticism Breaks

I've been told the craziest things in the last 10 days, every one of them meant to tear me down in some way. I've been told:

  • The way to get past my chronic anxiety and depression is to just get out of the house. Oh, and smile more.
  • My writing, publishing business, crowdfunding activities are a waste of my time, and I should just stop already.
  • Working almost 7 days a week, roughly 10 hours a day, is just not working hard enough.
  • I don't sell more books or get more people to support my crowdfunding campaign, because I'm a bad person.

It's not important who has been telling me these things. They know who they are.

But, I'm not sharing this so that you can feel sorry for me. I don't feel sorry for me, so why should you? If anything, these things make me angry, because of how it upsets my spouse when people say these things to me.

The reason I'm sharing what's been said to me is because I'm going to guess you've experienced something similar, at some point in your life. Don't let it break you. Ever.

I don't write for the pleasure of the people who say these things to me. I don't "just get over it" when it comes to my anxiety and depression, because they tell me I should. And, anyone who tells you that something bad is happening to you, because your a bad person should perhaps look at themselves first.

Don't listen to these negative forces in your life. Tell them off and move on.

You don't need that kind of hatred in your life. I know I certainly don't.