How Long-Tail Keywords Help You Get to the Front of the Pack

If you're doing anything on the internet these days, chances are good that you are well-versed in the importance of keywords. But do you know what long-tail keywords are? And if you're blogging or selling things on the internet, do you know how they can set you apart from the competition?

What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords is a fancy name for keyword strings, or multiple keywords strung together.

How can they help you?

By stringing keywords together in your blog posts or in your product descriptions, you help to narrow who will find your product. If you're asking yourself why you wouldn't want to get your content or product in front of as many eyes as possible, you're already behind the curve.

More eyes doesn't always mean more fans or buyers, and in the case of ads, it can mean a lower return on investment (ROI). Why? Because single keywords can pull in people who are looking for something similar to what you're presenting, but not quite. Long-tail keywords pull in the people looking for content/products just like yours.

How do you use them?

It's pretty simple, really. You start with a single keyword and then you build other keywords around that single keyword.

For example, if you're shopping for car insurance, you never type in "insurance" and then hit Enter, right? You type in "car insurance policies" or " auto insurance providers", something like that. Those are long-tail keywords.

There are tools from Google and Hubspot and a couple other companies that can help you narrow down which keywords will work best for you, but sometimes learning what people search for most is as simple as going into Google and trying out some single keywords in the search box. Common phrases come up in the search suggestions that appear.

The suggestions that come first are the ones most frequently searched for. Keep in mind, though, that these are also the keywords that have the most competition. You can add additional keywords to bring yourself higher in the search results.

Go ahead, give it a try. The results might surprise you.


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