Frodo goes up to the counter and tries and fails to order a cup of tea. Samwise, who is accompanying him, says, “Master Frodo will have a grande green tea with room for cream, please.” The barista hands the cup to Frodo, and the entire shop cheers. “Huzzah!” they cry. “Look at Frodo Baggins, ordering that cup of tea all by himself!” Later, Sam puts out a fire in the kitchen and Frodo is given the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Poor Samwise Gamgee. He never gets the credit he deserves for all of the great things he does; only Frodo gets the credit. But, if not for Sam, Frodo would have been a brief footnote in Middle Earth’s history as someone who tried to help defeat a great darkness, but didn’t get very far.

Sam: the best friend that nobody really notices.

Except me. I notice you and all the things you do, Sam.