Father’s Day pitch

Is your dad a dark fantasy and/or horror reader? I recommend my book, Into the Darkness, as a great gift idea.

The soft cover version of Into the Darkness is Amazon Prime eligible, or you can give the Kindle version for $5.99. It is rated 5/5 stars in all reviews. See below for a book excerpt, as featured on the Daily Dead website.


Excerpt from chapter 14 of INTO THE DARKNESS:

It did not take long to reach the Thieves Guild after they left the stables. The wind picked up even more during the walk, and Theo had to continually brush her blond hair out of her eyes. Thunder rumbled in the distance and nervousness knotted her stomach. She had a bad feeling about what they were about to do.

At the guild house door, Theo glanced at Aeryn and Tynan on her right and left respectively, then reached forward to use the knocker. Before she could lay hands upon it, however, the door swung slowly open, revealing thick darkness inside the guild house. In front of them floated a glowing, gray ball.

Theo hastily pulled her hand back, thrown off her guard. This was new, she thought to herself. She finally spoke to the ball, wanting to feel silly, and feeling anything but. “I’m here to see Pythun? I brought the sell-sword he wanted, and her, uh, companion.”

Only the moaning wind was heard as they stared at the glowing ball. Without warning, the sphere darted in front of Aeryn and hovered there. The sell-sword’s hand dropped to the daggers strapped at her hips, but just as suddenly, the ball darted to Tynan. Then, it drifted away from the ghost and back into the guild house where it stopped, as if waiting. Lightning flashed and the sky broke open. Rain poured down on them. Theo, Aeryn, and Tynan looked at each other before, by silent agreement, they followed the orb inside.

As soon as all three of them cleared the threshold, the door swung shut behind them, and Theo heard a lock click into place. Aeryn whirled to face the closed door, hands tightening on her dagger hilts, only to spin back again when the ball’s glow grew brighter. It made no further move. “I don’t like this,” the sell-sword stated.

“Definitely not,” Theo agreed. This was not the reception she had expected. Big, ugly guards grabbing them as soon as they came in, yes. Weird, glowing balls, no.

Tynan was the only one who appeared unfazed. Stepping forward, he addressed the gray ball. “Take us to Pythun,” he said. The sphere moved ahead, leading them.

As they walked, Theo was unable to tell if they were headed to Pythun’s office or someplace else. The ball’s glow was never strong enough for her to see anything beyond a three-foot radius around it, which unnerved her. It was colder than it should have been inside the guild house and there was a foul smell coming from somewhere in the darkness around them. Theo knew what the smell was, having had the misfortune to smell it a time or two. Judging from the grim look on Aeryn’s face, the sell-sword knew as well. It was the smell of death.

Then the gray ball paused and glowed a little brighter, illuminating a stone staircase and a passage at the bottom. They paused as well. Theo and Aeryn glanced at each other as the ball began to descend the stairway and Tynan again took the lead.

“Where are we going?” Aeryn asked her, her voice low.

“I don’t know,” she replied with equal quiet. Theo’s pulse quickened and cold sweat dampened the back of her neck. She had no idea where the sphere was leading them, but she had a feeling that wherever it was, she was going to wish she were elsewhere quickly enough.

The walls of the passage at the bottom of the staircase were a familiar black stone. She guessed it came from the Black Mountains. There was an odd, throbbing quality to the stone, as if it was alive and breathing. When Theo looked over at the sell-sword again, she saw Aeryn was beginning to sweat, too, although it was colder in the passage than in the level above. She saw Aeryn continuously eye the walls of the passage and the ball leading them. The sell-sword’s hands were balled into white-knuckled fists.

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