Launch Day and an Excerpt from The Joy Thief

Happy launch day to The Joy Thief! I thought we'd never get here, but I'm so glad we did.

For you, my readers, I've posted a new excerpt from the book on my Excerpts page. It starts like this:

Funny how a day could turn on you.

This thought came to Theo without any humor at all as she watched the feral dog from where she was crouched. Black as a shadow, it almost looked unreal as it stalked toward her through the seagrass. The parting grass blades, however, told her it was deadly real.

This movement was the only thing that had warned her of the dog’s presence. The roaring surf behind her drowned out whatever sounds the dog had made. But when she stopped to frown at the angry wounds on her leg, the movement caught her eye and made her turn. It was then that she saw the new threat coming her way.

The dog’s watery, bloodshot eyes held her. It bared its teeth. The pounding in her chest filled her ears, muting the dog’s snarl and all else around her. She quickly decided that dying from the infection in her leg was a far better way to end her ten years of life than becoming a snack.

She slid her eyes left to where she had dropped her boots—her dagger inside the right one—but they were too far out of reach. The dog would close the distance between them before she even got halfway. Aeryn was even farther down the beach, her attention on some spot far out to sea.

Theo was on her own.


Read the rest of excerpt here.

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