excellent things about autumn:


  • cozy lumpy sweaters
  • holding hot beverages in order to warm your fingertips
  • pretty leaves that crunch when you walk through them
  • cool nights when you can leave your window open and bundle in a blanket
  • it’s apple season
  • you can just wear a hat if you don’t feel like washing your hair
  • boots and tall socks in fun patterns
  • it’s finally hoodie weather
  • that one particular shade of blue sky that only occurs on clear october afternoons
  • cool rainy weekends when you can curl up with a book
  • the way it smells on the first day of really cold snap

Happy October, everyone!

In case anyone hadn’t guessed from my “favorite things” posts, I’m in Salem, MA right now for our yearly fix of this lovely, fun town. I’m getting all I can of the New England autumn before we head back to autumn in Pittsburgh, PA.

Autumn in Pittsburgh only differs from autumn here in that there’s no ocean or harbor (hahbah, if you’re from here), it doesn’t get quite as cold (although, still cold) usually, and Halloween is a big deal, but not a BIG DEAL like it is in Salem. So, I’m getting all of those things now.

Today in Salem is the first real sweater and hoodie day of the week. It’s great.