Tuesday Teaser: Whatever You Do, Don't Call Her a Hired Killer

Can you believe it's already November? It feels like just yesterday we were welcoming September and October. Be that as it may, as we head into November now, I'm going to be switching tracks a little. This is going to be the last weekly Tuesday Teaser. I'll still be posting them, no worries, but more scattered throughout the month.

This week, I've been in Thystle land in a big way, so I'm leading off the month with a snippet from The Taming. Thystle may be a lot of things, but she's no assassin. She has limits to what jobs she'll take. What her mysterious messenger is suggesting falls way outside her usual bounds. Without further ado . . .


Excerpt from The Taming, chapter 3

If what Jalus said was true, it was her responsibility to avenge Jonathan’s death, but she would do so for him, not for Immortals. She told Jalus, “I am a hired sword but no killer for hire, if that’s who you seek.”

“My employers simply felt this information was best placed in the hands of someone with a personal connection to the decedent.” Jalus spread his hands in a gesture of innocence and then echoed her own thoughts. “Someone like you, who might feel it is her duty to seek out this man and avenge the death of her friend. I said nothing of hire.”

Thystle’s eyes narrowed. She wondered if imps were capable of reading minds. Still, she considered her position and then blew out a frustrated sigh. “How do I know for certain what you tell me is the truth?”

His answer was simple: “Have a drink or two at the Moulterwood Tavern tonight. Judge for yourself.”

She half-smirked at him. “You are asking me to drink alone?”

The imp raised an eyebrow. “It would not be your first time. Why balk now?”

Her jaw tightened, and she wondered just how long the Immortals had been watching her. “If I do this, when it is done, your employers forget I exist,” she growled at him.

Jalus replied, “It is decided, then.” He gathered up his faerie ball and turned away from her.

Thystle asked, “How will I know this man?”

The imp did not turn back to face her when he replied, “He is called Rohtan. You will know him.”


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