From DIY Author: 11 Killer Wattpad Tips to Help You Find an Audience

I’m not on wattpad as yet. I haven’t had the time to build a profile there yet. But, I really liked this piece from DIY Author that outlines 11 tips for how to use Wattpad to your full advantage as an author.

My particular favorite was tip #10 about feedback and criticism. I am of the opinion that criticism, as well as praise, and the ability to accept criticism at face value is key to growing as a writer. Don’t love your own work so deeply that it feels like being stabbed if someone criticizes some piece of it. Consider the criticism and decide for yourself whether the critic has a point.

So, I recommend giving this article a read, especially if you’re an author currently on Wattpad: Book Marketing: 11 Killer Wattpad Tips to Help You Find an Audience.