Dark fantasy you'll want to sink your teeth into

If you're thinking vampires - or, in Cathell, vampyres - you've got it right. My newest dark fantasy work, The Taming, is just about done. The next step is a beta release, which is happening on March 15th (yes, the Ides of March marks the official beta release).

Why do you want to read it?

If you like vampire fiction, without a lot of the "sexy vampire" cliches, you've come to the right novella. The Taming follows the story of Thystle Moran (one of the more memorable characters in Into the Darkness) as she tries to avenge the death of her friend Jonathan, who was murdered the year before. Along the way, she falls victim to a new love and betrayal by one of her own. Thystle will stop at nothing to get vengeance for her friend - she just hopes the journey doesn't end her, too.

Dying to read it before March 15th?

Not a problem. You can start reading it today. I've posted chapters 1 and 2 on my Excerpts page.

If you read the first two chapters and can't possibly wait until Tuesday, subscribers to my newsletter or this blog get early access. Just go to the Subscriptions page to sign up for one of my e-lists. New subscribers will see special access emails in their inboxes starting Saturday.