Honorable mentions: books worth looking at from the forum authors

I don’t want to forget to mention a couple of books from some of the forum authors I think are worth checking out (descriptions are from Amazon, with edits for length). And, to support my earlier point, I’d like to mention that none of these authors are selling their paperback versions for $5 (and rightly so!).

Dancing Daisies by Sara Pyszka - Brynn has cerebral palsy, which means she must use a power wheelchair and computer to communicate. After her relationship with her two best friends is shattered, Brynn is looking forward more than ever to her summer at Camp Lakewood.  She soon learns, however, that getting away from home doesn’t spare her from all of life’s dramas.

The God Conception by Anissa Clay  - When fifteen-year-old Delilah Danton undergoes an experimental procedure, she is able to see her future. […] Delilah uses her natural talents and works hard to achieve her dreams. Along the way, she falls in love with the most popular boy in school but there is a dark side to their relationship. Knowing her destiny, can she change it?

The Masterful Plot of Co-Conspirators, Kris Kringle and Norman Rockwell; to Distribute Misinformation to Fool the World by Patricia Gittinger - This book is a means to allow the child to be involved in the artistic process, to be not merely a passive consumer but to be part of the creative process […].