This Blog is Moving

How is it that a whole month has passed since my last post? I released a book. It's funny how they can take up your brain, right?

So, yeah, I've been pretty focused on getting reviews and promoting the new book. Time just got away from me. But here I am to give you a little news. My blog is moving over to WordPress.

I haven't been super happy with the blogging platform through my Squarespace site (sorry, Squarespace). I'm trying out WordPress instead.

This doesn't mean too much for you, if you're already a subscriber. You'll just get your posts from "" instead of this site "". But if you tend to access my blog directly from my site, when you click the "Blog" link, it'll redirect you to the WordPress site. Don't be scared, it's totally painless.

One last thing: If you'd like a block of chapters to sample from my first book, Into the Darkness, I got out of KU early, so you can download a block of 8 on Instafreebie now. Enjoy!