Amazon won’t list me as an author, because I’m not popular enough

This was the general undertone in the message I got from Amazon customer service today. Here’s some background:

One day, I was making sure that my book, Into the Darkness, shows up correctly on Amazon, and as everyone has probably experienced once or twice while on Amazon, there are a TON of books to sift through. So, I went into the category I knew the book should be under, and I tried to take a shortcut by finding my name in the Author’s listing (Books > Last 90 Days > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Refine by Author).

To my surprise, I found my name - A.M. Rycroft - WAS NOT LISTED in the author’s list, among the hordes of other authors in this section, even though my book IS in this section.

In an attempt to remedy what seemed to be a simple error of omission, I emailed customer service. I was told that in order for an author’s name to be listed, the book must be in top 1000 sales rank, at least once.

Say what?

So, here’s my question to anyone out there: have any other authors been told this, or is this the first you’re hearing of such a policy?

And, if anyone out there knows why that policy might be in place, can you enlighten the rest of the group?

Many thanks, folks!