5 things all indie authors must know how not to do...

If you’re an independent author bent on going it alone with as many book-related things as you can, there are some layout terms you should know and mistakes you must not make. Your book’s interior design is as equally important as its exterior, and in order to have a professional product to take to market, you must pay your book’s layout the attention it’s due.

BookLife put out a handy list of 5 layout mistakes not to make with your book. I’ll give you the abbreviated version here.

  1. Don’t have blank pages fall on the right side.
  2. Don’t put page numbers on every page. Some pages, like display pages, absolutely should not have numbers.
  3. Don’t have running heads on blank pages or display pages.
  4. Don’t use ragged (especially rag-right) composition in memoirs, novels, histories, or other standard trade books; the composition must always be justified for these books.
  5. Don’t have page 1 fall on a left page; page 1 must always be on a right page.

If you need further explanation on any of these “don’ts”, definitely read the whole article linked above. It will be very informative for you.

If on the other hand, you need further explanation AND you don’t know how to resolve any of the above issues, I highly recommend you seek out the services of a professional book designer, or at least a friend with more knowledge of your word processing tool of choice than you currently possess. Leaving any of the above mistakes in your book will immediately alert the reader to the fact that the book was produced by an amateur, which will only serve to hurt your reputation as an author.