Sex with Undead People is Creepy (or, Why I Don't Write Typical Vampire Lit)

Someone remarked to me today that she avoids vampire fiction due to the romanticizing of vampires in current literature. Seeing as how this comment was made while discussing my new book, which is a sword and sorcery/vampire mashup, I felt compelled to make it clear that my book does no such thing.  I thought it might be helpful if I use today's post to discuss just what kind of vampire fiction I DO write.

No dead people, please

As the post's title suggests, vampires (or vampyres) in my world are not undead creatures of the night. The idea of a bunch of reanimated corpses running around sexing it up with the living has always seemed creepy and off-putting to me. Whether or not the undead character is walking and talking, they are still dead. If the living person has sex with said vampire, they are having sex with a corpse. Ew.

In my world, it is a parasite that gives vampyres their power and bloodlust. The parasite is a selfish bugger and won't hesitate to kill someone to satisfy its thirst, if the vampyre has lost too much blood or has been starved. Yes, this also opens the door to reversing the vampyrism.

Check your rose-colored glasses at the door

Not one chapter in The Taming involves romanticizing of vampyres. In fact, they come off as mostly shallow, petty creatures. Thystle has an uneasy relationship with her fellow vampyres for this reason, and she manages to rise above the behavior typical of their kind.

I think what makes Thystle such an interesting character has little to do with her vampyre nature. It is her overall complexity.

Her past is filled with one tragedy after another, and she is constantly hopping from one place to another because of it. She feels she has no home, but she repeatedly gravitates to Haven and even holds a room there. She considers herself a loner, but it's clear she has friends, whose absence she laments. She rejects romantic relationships, but she decides to let Lilla into her life and her heart.

Thystle is a study of opposites, and I think in any other character, this might prove tedious, but on Thystle, it is somehow captivating. By the end of The Taming, one cannot help but love her and hope that things work out with Lilla.


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