The Taming beta release is out now

Attention fantasy and vampire fiction readers: Today is the official beta release my newest dark fantasy title, The Taming. It runs from today through the end of Monday, March 21st.

What is a beta release version?

I am treating this version of the book as a software developer might treat a beta release. For example, when Bungie creates a new Halo game or Microsoft creates the latest version of their Windows operating system, they may create a public beta release. It's a finished product, in the eyes of the developers, with all the appropriate revisions and copyrights, but when public users test it out, they may find a couple kinks in the software, which they tell the developer about so that the kinks are ironed out prior to the world-wide release.

The limited beta release of The Taming is just like that. It isn't available as a print book for purchase in the public market yet. This version of The Taming is the final story as I see it, but I haven't finalized the print version with an awesome cover and maps. If a reader of the downloadable version encounters issues they want share with me (there's a survey link at the end), I can fix them before the print version goes public.

Can I read some of it before I decide to download the whole novella?

Absolutely! Who wants to purchase a beta release without getting a sample first? Chapters 1 and 2 are available here. There's a link at the end of each piece to the beta page, if you love the story and need to read the rest.

- A.M.