The Award-Winning Cathell Series

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Book 4 of the Cathell series begins "The Gathering Dark".

A messenger rides hard for town, searching for Thystle Moran.

He brings an urgent message from the young cleric who helped Aeryn Ravane, Thystle, and four others kill a mad god in the White City. Colin tells Thystle that men have been searching for The Harbinger's tomb and every raven he's sent for Aeryn has disappeared. Someone doesn't want him to find Aeryn and her sword Aric, the blade that brought the mad god down.

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The Fall of Kingdoms Series

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Shaun Grayson knew from the time she could pick up a sword that she was born to be a knight and serve the kingdom of Riverend. She worked for this her whole life, over the objections of her parents and her best friend Sara, the king’s youngest daughter. But as she nears the end of her training, an act of betrayal and a magic born attack on the capital threaten to put Shaun’s dream permanently on hold.


Horror Short Stories